UK scientists will be using Earth observation satellite to handle climate change

The previous 20 years have witnessed space impacting the mitigation of climate change problems in different dimensions. Satellites have become a key tool in ocean mapping by recording the rise in sea level every year. Sea level rising is a danger to coastal habitants since the water may spill over to their households anytime. Therefore, researchers and experts in climate change mitigation operations have to analyze and explain to the people in these areas that the coastline is changing to enable them to find suitable habitats.

UK’s Space Agency funding is going to finance the experts working on the resolution of the climatic problems. These experts and researchers include the Met Office and National Oceanography Centre operators who will be heading the quest on the rising sea level studies and the measures that they can implement to overturn this challenge.

The Sentinel-6 satellite deployed this month will be circumnavigating the Earth 800 miles above it. This satellite will gather data that the scientists and experts require concerning oceans, weather predictions through its elements, and climate analysis through the next twenty years.

The head of the Science Ministry, Amanda Solloway, explained that monitoring the rise in sea levels is crucial in mitigating global warming. She added that the satellite technology would generate comprehensive data that the scientists, researchers, and meteorologists can extrapolate to predict changing weather patterns. This move would help them advise the citizens and the government to strategize adequately for the incoming storms, hurricanes, floods, and other weather changes require green energy adoption.

The UK cashes its resources on flood and coastal defence programs. The deployment of Sentinel-6 satellite will help the country in obtaining real data about sea levels and forecast its rise and changes in the speed of ocean water. The country will be prepared to tackle the risks associated with changes in sea level and waves. 

The chief scientist at the Met Office Hadley Centre, Dr Matthew Palmer, stated that the changes in sea level create natural problems which the country can overcome by letting nature take its course. Palmer added that they had gained a versatile understanding of the changes in sea level globally.

The chief of Ocean Forecasting R&D, John Siddon, articulated that the altimeter satellites are essential in ocean analysis and sea-level rise forecasts. He explained that the Sentinel-6 satellites would continue to dispatch crucial data to help scientists through the coming decade to educate various agencies on how they should behave in desperate times.

Finally, Christine Gommenginger of the National Oceanography Centre revealed that the data obtained from the satellite could also help fishers and sea fanatics stay far from the sea when the weather shifts to preventing catastrophes. She added that the versatile data from numerous satellites in space would help the scientists understand the changes accompanying the oceans.

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