Cygnus Cargo Ship honoring “hidden figure” Katherine Johnson gets to the space station

Behind the successful space study, powerful men and women work hard to achieve the targets and launches. And in most cases, they are not people the media get to interact with or learn about them. This detail explains why the name” hidden figures.” One of these people includes one of the best NASA mathematicians who made the first human flight into space. The late Mrs. Katherine Johnson passed away last year at the age of 101 years. Northrop Grumman, in their recent Cygnus cargo ship, named it after Katherine. Its launch took place on February 20th, carrying various experiments and supplies for astronauts in space.

Reports from NASA have confirmed that the cargo ship arrived at the International Space station on February 22nd. It took a 2-day spaceflight and arrived safely carrying worms, artificial retina experiment, advanced supercomputer, and many more. The Cygnus NG-15 craft took a cargo weighing over 8,200lbs of supplies.

After the triumphant arrival, Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi caught the ship with a robotic Canadarm2. His backup man was Michael Hopkins, NASA’s flight engineer.

In NASA’s recent update on the spacecraft, it claims that the ground controllers took the craft into the Earth-facing port where the controllers locked it. It will take up a three-month mission on a variety of experiments. Reports indicate that the Cygnus cargo ship took less than two days to get into space’s orbit after lifting off from the Northrop Grumman Antares rocket.

This launch took place in February in the Virginia NASA Regional spacecraft. One of the experiments in the launch includes an investigation concerning the muscle strength of worms. Also, the SpaceBorne Computer under the Hewlett Packard Enterprise aims to reduce the data experts in the ground receive and come up with a product it processes more data on the orbit.

After receiving the cargo, the astronauts will unload the supplies and experiments before reloading it with trash before May’s departure. Before this Cygnus launch, Northrop Grumman launched another craft with investigations regarding the fire in space and high-speed 5G communications. After completing its mission, it entered the atmosphere, burning up according to the initial plan.

With this cargo ship, astronauts can refill everything they are missing, upgrade the working tools, and various experiments. This launch is a show of NASA’s support for the crew members as they work to improve the space world. Experts hope to achieve all the results from the experiments and that the crew members working have all the necessary tools.

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