L3Harris wins a $137 million deal for the GPS digital payloads

On February 23, L3Harris Technologies reported that it had secured a $137 million deal for 4-digital payloads, which are meant for the GPS navigation satellites from the Lockheed Martin firm. The navigation payload flight data units produced by Lockheed Martin are meant for the next-generation GPS satellites identified as GPS 3 Follow-on or the GPS 3F. For the next generation of the GPS satellites, identified as GPS 3 Follow-on or the GPS 3F, Lockheed Martin provided L3Harris the green light to begin the production of the fully digital navigation payload.

The digital payload passed what the military considers an “important design review” that allowed the modern payload design to be shown to be mature enough to move to the final test as well as delivery of production. The mission data unit, which is intended to provide more efficient signals and ensure reliable atomic clock procedures, is the core aspect of the navigation payload. Lockheed Martin develops the satellites for the United States military. The organization uses L3Harris’ 70% digital mission data module for 10 GPS 3 satellites. Throughout the 11th satellite of GPS 3 constellation that will be the Follow-on version, the 100% digital payload will be added.

In the year 2018, Lockheed Martin chose L3Harris to design as well as develop the very first two completely digital mission data modules and awarded the firm a deal for two payloads for $243 million in the year 2019. The latest award is for an extra four units. The newest payload will enable the transfer of GPS constellation to the potential ground control system, identified as GPS OCX, produced by Raytheon, stated Ed Zoiss, who serves as the President of Space as well as Airborne Systems at the L3Harris Company.

The GPS 3 satellites that are presently being deployed have a digital 70% L3Harris mission data unit. The very first four GPS 3 satellites are currently operational and have been deployed. In the coming years, six more will be deployed. In 2026, the United States Space Force aims to begin deploying GPS 3F satellites. These will also have a digital payload of 100 percent. In September 2018, the United States Air force approved a contract valued at $7.2 billion to Lockheed Martin to develop a maximum of 22 GPS 3F satellites.

L3Harris (L3Harris Technologies) is an American-based technology firm that manufactures C6ISR systems and devices, night vision equipment, wireless equipment, tactical radios, avionics and electronic systems, space-borne antennas, and terrestrial to be used in the defense, army as well as commercial sectors and the information technology services provider.

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