Nxuba Wind Farm is officially commercial, and the operations have already begun

The renewable energy sector in South Africa will never be the same again. The Enel Green Power (EGP) launched a Wind farm that has now commenced its commercial operations. EGP is a subsidiary of Enel Group, a renowned developer and an operator of renewable energy in South Africa. The wind farm, Nxuba Wind Farm, is in the Eastern Cape and has a capacity of 140 MW.

It is a project that cost the company up to €200 million before seeing the light of the day. According to the forecast, it should be generating around 460 GWh every year. Consequently, it will see the emission of carbon dioxide reduce by 460,000 annually. Its operation will be with the help of Eskom, and the power utility has a power supply agreement that will last for two decades with the wind farm. Nxuba Wind Farm will also be a governmental entity under the country’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP).

It is important to note that the location is quite strategic, especially since it is a wind farm. After all, the Eastern Cape coastline experience strong wind current. That’s mostly where South Africa borders Lesotho on the western side to Cookhouse. Equally important, it is quite close to significant grid connections hence effortless to integrate the wind energy with the rest of the state’s national electricity grid.

According to Salvatore Bernabei, the CEO of EGP, the company is doing its best not to disappoint South Africa. He said that investing in projects that diversify the energy sources will continue. Equally important, it will ensure that the energy transition is both inclusive and sustainable, and all the stakeholders will have something of great value at the end of the day.

EGP seems to be quite committed since it has other similar ongoing projects. Since the Nxuba Wind Farm is complete, it means one down and eight more to go. At the end of all the installations, the company will have generated a capacity of more than 650 MW. Two of the projects are also in the Eastern Cape, namely Nojoli with 88 MW and Gibson Bay contributing 111 MW.

In Northern Cape, EGP has two solar plants: Upington and Adams capacities of 10MW and 82.5 MW, respectively. Other similar plants are in the Western Cape, including 82.5 MW from Paleishuewel in Western Cape, 66 MW from Tom Burke in Limpopo, and 82.5 MW from Pulida in the Free State. Other projects are yet to commence, but if things go as planned, they will begin before the end of 2021.  They include Soetwater and Karusa of Karoo Hoogland, Eastern Cape’s Oyster Bay, and Northern Cape’s Garob. The capacity will be 140 MW for each of the projects.

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