New Renewable Energy Deal Boosts Siemens Hold on Renewable Energy Market

Siemens has a 10-year agreement with Aela Energia to handle and manage Aela’s renewable energy venture, the Senvion fleet. The fleet consists of 93 wind turbines from the Sarco and Aurora generation sites in Chile. Sarco wind farms location is situated in the Freirina Municipality, in the Atacama. It currently has a 170 MW operational generating capacity that serves the region with sustainable energy.  Meanwhile, Aela’s is situated near the jurisdiction of Llanquihue in the district of Los Lago. The massive wind farm has an installed production capacity of 129 MW.

This deal counts as the first project from Senvion turbines that will be powered by Siemens Gamesa in Latin America. The project also has an advantage as it can increase Siemens’s work history to reach a total of 299 MW, resultantly confirming the company’s bonafide leader in sustainable energy generation and maintenance services.  Furthermore, the deal enhances Siemens’s reputation as a global multi-brand service provider.

The deal marks Siemens Gamesa’s tenth servicing deal for Senvion in the previous year.  The move further pushes Senvion’s successful contracts to attain its fleets in North America, Australia, Europe, and Latin America to reach a worldwide projected output goal of approx. 1.5GW.  The company also purchased Senvion’s Intellectual Property and European Service properties in January 2020, which placed the company in an exclusive position to offer the highest-grade operations and repair services in and outside Europe.

David Hicke states that the company feels privileged to have been appointed Senvions trusted service partner and the acknowledgment they received from Aela Energia.

He acknowledges the extensive contribution from acquiring Senvion’s intellectual property rights its capacity as a leading provider in Chile’s industry. He further emulates that SGRE strives to offer optimum efficiency to maximize returns on its customers’ investments. The company’s long   presence in Chile since 2013 enabled it to attain a flawless 332 MW wind power generation portfolio installed and supplied throughout Chile.

The company’s growth to become a global powerhouse investor for renewable energy ventures stems from Aela’s joint venture structure between Actis with 60% and Mainstream Renewable Power having 40% shares. Aela received the biggest chunk of contracts granted by the Chilean Government in 2015 to develop the Sacro and Aurora renewable energy ventures. These developments hold a lot of promise for Siemen’s future and the renewable energy industry at large, solidifying the company as a force in renewable energy installation systems.

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