Solar renewable energy is facing an uncertain future with the introduction of a new Corporation Commission

The incoming Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) will introduce Anna Tovar – a Democrat, and two Republicans – Jim O’Connor and Lea Marquez Peterson. These commissioners will join other leaders to oversee the operations of the commission. This commission’s responsibilities include monitoring the pipelines, railroads, utilities owned by investors, among other public facilities.

The commission will witness a new revolution, especially after two Republicans taking opposite sides in the transition to clean energy by 2050 plan. The commissioners disagreed over implementing this plan, and they will be discussing it before giving their ruling.

Sandy Bahr, an executive of Sierra Club, pointed out that there is visible progress in the race to stop energy utilization from the pollutive coal plants. The incoming election process for two positions in this committee will be fierce since they are lucrative and have significant responsibilities.

Other commissioners like Marquez Peterson and Olson were incessant in opposing the renewable energy implementation strategies and plan. The two argue that the plan will not realize growth in the solar energy industry as they had anticipated. This discovery has led to their open rebellion towards these projects until their concerns are amended and implemented in the plan.

Bahr explained that the high uptake rate of solar energy as renewable is not a real indicator. Some customers are still finding this renewable energy expensive to install and access. Bahr is pessimistic that the plans that the outgoing commissioners had hoped for will be soln discarded and their hard fight for renewables forgotten.

Bahr emphasized that they want to witness the solar energy resources reaching different people with varied antecedents enjoying the same renewables. She pointed out that some utilities have been an impediment to the uptake of solar energy resources like solar panels for rooftops. Bahr retorted that they would push through until they witness fairness before they halt the battle.

Bahr is hopeful that Marquez Peterson’s influence in the previous clean energy regulations and projects will stand so that the voters who support him can vote in the demands that they have articulated. 

In conclusion, Bahr explained that the new Corporation Commission is doing everything possible to ensure that the clean energy bill is amended to ensure fairness in its implementation. If all fails, then the commission will reschedule a meeting early next year to resolve the problem.

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