AT&T to be Onboard IBM’s Satellite Cloud Platform

AT&T is planning to strengthen its 5G network reach and depth in regards to the enterprise markers. That’s why the telecom operator will take a ride on IBM’s Satellite Cloud platform. It is among the first passengers. As much as it is the latest move, AT&T has been extending its network with the help of cloud providers.

The benefits of multi-access edge computing (MEC) is indisputable. No wonder AT&T is collaborating with the IBM Cloud platform. The combination of the two, Cloud Satellite platform from the latter and both edge work and 5G from the former, will be great. IBM Cloud Platform’s CTO and VP Jason McGee confirmed that and added that the duo would be providing the combination to its customers. On the other hand, the customers will be able to control various devices, whether clouds or edge using a dashboard. Customers should expect computing infrastructure ideal for running services, running applications, and 5G connection. The role of the satellite would be to ease the management of all that using a single dashboard. From the same, one can identify the cloud services compatible with the environment. Consequently, they would quickly deploy suitable applications and, after that, manage them from the cloud.

For flexibility due to various environments, IBM will be running the Cloud Satellite platform on the Red Hat’s Kubernetes-focused OpenShift platform. Instead of using a new infrastructure, IBM intends to make it possible to run on already existing platforms such as the physical servers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machines, and VMware environment. With the help of IBM’s infrastructure hardware and AT&T’s 5G infrastructure, the only necessary thing will be configurations to run in various settings. The collaboration of the duo goes way back. Over a year ago, the companies entered a multi-year contract. The agreement was that IBM SDN’s primary provider would be AT&T Business, whereas IBM would come in handy in the improvement and migration of AT&T’s business applications to the cloud.

The telecom operator has carried out MEC and 5G network deployment in Yorktown Heights, New York, where IBM’s lab is located. It is offering solutions to enterprises looking for private and on-premises cellular services. For the coordination of workloads and services running on the MEC platform and the environment, the new service has an integration with the IBM Cloud. It is also important to note that AT&T has a similar agreement with Microsoft. Microsoft is the company’s preferred cloud provider as far as non-network applications are concerned. They have been running parallel for quite some time since the contact came only a few days after that with IBM.

Another partner is the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), which offers a converged edge system. Once it combines with the AT&T MEC services, the results are excellent. Collaborations seem to be the trend. For instance, Verizon, which is an AT&T competitor, is working on its 5G network extension through a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft.

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