Customers are enraged by Tesla’s solar roof price hikes

Tesla has been selling solar roofs since 2016, but the journey has not been simple. Clients who registered for Elon Musk’s pricey solar alternative have been complaining of significant price hikes since signing contracts. In certain situations, the premium increases are more than twice what the consumer wanted to pay initially. Although Tesla hasn’t stated why the price has risen, updates to the company’s website say it’s due to the expense of installing on the┬ácomplicated roofs.

Installing solar panels on the home’s roof is a simple way to take advantage of the sun’s free electricity, but the panels are not cheap. Yeah, the solar roof is expensive. However, you still get a new roof, according to Tesla’s pitch. Anyone who has had to replace a roof on the house will attest to the fact that it is not inexpensive. If you need both a roof as well as solar panels, a solar roof might be a good option, but with Tesla’s latest pricing, the value is not quite as good.

According to The Verge, one Tesla client decided to spend $35,000 for the solar roof installation as well as another $30,000 for the Power Wall batteries at first. Tesla just sent out a “terse note” stating that a new deal will be mailed in the coming weeks. The customer was taken aback when he saw his purchase price had more than risen to $75,000. Meanwhile, according to Ars Technica, a reader was advised that installing a solar roof would cost about $66,000, but Tesla now needs an extra $21,000 for the idea.

Tesla, of course, cannot force others to pay the higher rates. Customers will cancel their orders if they do not want to sign the new deal. Tesla claims that all deposits made on the project would be refunded in full. The wide range of roof designs available seems to be the source of the price increase. The company’s online configurator has been revised to provide queries about “roof difficulty.” According to the website, installing a single solar roof is much simpler than one with several joints, pitch adjustments, chimneys, and other elements. These more complex configurations necessitate more time and materials, so Tesla’s rates are higher from the start.

It would be nice if Tesla kept to the offers it made before changing its pricing; however, this comes after many years of cutting rates in order to entice more consumers to buy. Tesla has been bragging about its solar deployments but hasn’t provided any figures. It should simply have calculated the true cost of installing these devices.

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