Executives from the energy industry have formed NuQuest Energy, a new company that will build utility-scale renewable energy ventures in the United States

NuQuest Energy LLC, a utility-scale solar energy manufacturing corporation undertaking ventures in the United States, was formed today by four prominent energy industry executives and early-stage investors. To be an industry-leading renewables production firm, the company plans to use its vast expertise in manufacturing, procurement, design, financing, land lease, environmental, project management, and operations.

“We’re adamant that our combined strengths will boost NuQuest Energy’s development and drive meaningful commercial and renewable environmental energy outcomes,” Kirk Barrell, NuQuest Co-Founder, stated. We are excited to develop a broad portfolio of clean energy and storage facilities that are both environmentally sound and profitable for all parties.

Denis Taylor, who serves as the Co-Founder & Partner at Audubon Companies, LLC; Bob Rosamond, who serves as the Co-Founder & Partner at Audubon Companies, LLC; as well as Alex Guitart, who is a Founder & President at New Orleans Land & Title Company, LLC are among the industry executives who will join Mr Barrell. The four co-founders do have a combined history of over 120 years in the electricity infrastructure market. This partnership seeks to provide transformative technologies that advance green infrastructure growth by leveraging each partner’s business expertise.

Bob Rosamond, CEO of NuQuest Energy, said, “NuQuest Energy shares Audubon Companies’ contribution to creating a more competitive renewable energy future.” “The recently founded business complements our existing range of decarbonization strategies and provides another mitigation tool for citizens now and potential generations to reduce their carbon footprint.” Alex Guitart, NuQuest Co-Founder, stated, “Our co-founding team has a strong tradition of achieving great results for our landowners as well as corporate customers.” “By focusing on technologies, we would be able to improve our site selection phase and ensure project success.”

TerraVoltTM, the firm’s patented site-selection method, combines power grid analyses, GIS, as well as predictive analytics. “Our proprietary technical system draws on decades of mapping as well as analytics expertise to identify high-quality renewable energy production sites,” Barrell said. NuQuest Energy, LLC is a clean energy construction firm with a goal of assembling and building a comprehensive portfolio of utility, manufacturing, and business ventures throughout the United States, with a current emphasis on Louisiana, Texas, as well as Mississippi. To create a powerful, scalable renewables portfolio, the organization draws on its established partnerships and project delivery expertise.

NuQuest Energy, LLC “develops to own,” which means that all of our ventures are given our full attention from start to finish, ensuring that our partners are satisfied. The corporation employs a patented technical framework that allows it to choose advanced renewables sites, increasing the likelihood of project completion and providing a major competitive edge.

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