ComfortDelGro joins hands with Engie to bid for a pilot tender to install EV charging points in Singapore

Singapore public-traded transport company, ComfortDelGro has partnered with French energy firm, Engie to jointly bid for a pilot tender by the Urban Redevelopment Authority and Land Transport Authority. The tender seeks to install about 600 electric vehicles (EV) charging points across public car parks in Singapore. In a press release by the two companies on March 31, 2021, this collaboration will “explore and deploy clean energy solutions together.”

The project has attracted other bidders such as Shell and seeks to expand Singapore’s charging network. According to the press statement, the winning bidder will be responsible for installing and operating more than six hundred EV charging stations across two hundred public parks in the Asian country. The parks include those in community centers, public places, housing estates, and industrial places.

“The launch of the pilot tender marks a significant milestone in the expansion of Singapore’s public car park charging network. Data and insights obtained from this pilot tender will help to shape the design and phasing of future tenders, which will be issued in batches over the coming year,” said both companies in a statement. Once the bid’s winners are commissioned, the charging network is expected to be up and running by the third quarter of 2022.

The media report also noted that this partnership would install renewable energy charging farms on ComfortDelGro’s facilities to deliver “fast charging solutions to its cabbies and public use.” Engie is a multinational electric utility company headquartered in La Defense, France. It has offices in several regions, including Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. “[We are] taking transformation strides in advancing Singapore’s green mobility agenda to establish a strong and reliable green EV charging network to bolster EV adoption through the partnership,” said Thomas Baudlot, Engie Southeast Asia, chief executive officer.

ComfortDelGro recently unveiled a clean energy plan aimed at advancing renewable power technology and research. In the inaugural S$50 million, the firm will fund Singapore’s shift to electrified transport and other initiatives, including scaling energy efficiency and adopting cleaner power sources in the next half-decade. “Sustainability has become a key pillar of our foundation and one that we intend to build on going forward,” noted ComfortDelGro CEO Yang Ban Seng.

“Our partnership with Engie is another step in that direction as we hope to offer our expertise in the areas of EV charging and drive the adoption of clean energy solutions in the local transport industry,” added Seng. The Singapore administration is expanding the EV charging network in readiness for the increasing sale of battery-powered vehicles. By 2030, the government aims to install sixty thousand charging points across the nation. Sixty-six percent of these charging stations will be rolled out in public parks, and the remaining thirty-four percent will be built in private premises.

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