SinglePoint on the quest to grab a lead role in renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency systems

SinglePoint displayed the performance of its shares and updates of the energy programs that it has already executed. The company proved that it is operating at par with its schedule concerning the renewable energy solutions and energy systems that it was hoping to implement. Some of the projects that the company was supposed to complete include the procurement of Energy Wyze, LLC and Box PureAir, LLC. Energy Wyze would enable the company to come into contact with 500 clients from the industry. On the other hand, Box PureAir would be securing the company $50 million from the bids made by schools to provide ventilation and indoor air systems.

SinglePoint is planning to utilize these two acquisitions to propel its vision of developing the first National network of renewable energy services and products. This move would facilitate the achievement of a clean, sustainable environment with reduced emissions. The head of SinglePoint, Wil Ralston, stated that the first half of this year has been crucial in creating the basis for the realization of the company’s objectives.

He added that the two acquisitions would generate revenue that they can utilize to expand the company’s operations and utilities. The company managed to do away with its convertible debt debentures and the resolution of its debts. Ralston explained that the company is heading towards listing on a national exchange program to ensure that it thrives in the competitive market.

The executives of the acquired companies stated that they intend to generate more revenue and secure more clients for the company. Energy Wyze is specifically reaching out to its solar-centric customers to ensure that they are all on board with the company’s agenda. Statistics show that less than 10% of the homes in the US local market have solar. The projects rolling out the solar programs have been sluggish due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the bids procured by Box PureAir to improve ventilation systems in schools have already started taking shape. The American Rescue Plan intends to pump $1.9 trillion into the renewable energy projects that will revive the economy and place schools among the utilities enjoying clean energy. Moreover, the bill advocates for investment in the renewable energy sector with the applied tax credits and the appropriation of $35 billion to sustain the industry. The legislators are also pushing for the introduction of energy storage system tax incentives to ensure the uptake of solar and battery backup storage systems.

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