General Motors’ EV plans start to take shape with new less-expensive Chevy Bolts

The world is transiting from fossil-fuel cars to electric vehicles, and the shift is inevitable. This topic is one of the most trending news since the beginning of this year, with many carmakers making plans and setting targets. One of the companies that are moving to the electrification field is General Motors. It is a giant car manufacturer that has been running for years, creating traditional vehicles. Recently, the company announced its plans to become all-electric vehicle makers by 2035. Different people pointed out how ambitious the target is, but General Motors’ plan starts to take shape with their recent announcements.

Reports state that the automaker is working on launching two Chevrolet Bolt models this summer. Later before the year ends, it will release a $113,000 GMC Hummer EV pickup. The electric bolts, a redesigned hatchback, and a new crossover initial price are under $34,000. This start is the beginning of General Motors’ automaker hopes will grow to a full lineup of high-quality and affordable EVs.

The company is building scale to lower the upcoming electric vehicles’ cost, including the Hummer inputted with new battery systems and platforms. Jesse Ortega, the chief engineer of GM’s battery electric vehicle architectures, spoke of the upcoming launches. He said of the GMC Hummer EV and Bolts EVs as a representation of what the company can build in construction and performance.

It is the company’s two-pronged approach to address the luxury and mainstream markets. When you compare the two launches, it is inevitable to miss out on the price difference between the two cars, which comes down to the battery technologies. The upcoming Bolt models in the current company platform include batteries that provide less driving range than the next-generation batteries and Ultium platform, which will start on the Hummer EV.

All the three vehicles are part of GM’s plan to launch at least thirty new EVs by 2025 under a $27 billion investment. Tony Johnson, director of Chevrolet marketing, talked of the intentional price strategy that the company is putting in a place whose primary goal is to encourage customers to adopt the EVs. He stated that future launches all have a role to play in GM’s mission to electrify all the cars.

President Mark Reus and CEO Mary Barra spoke of future targets to deliver a profitable new generation of electric vehicles. Tony spoke of the company’s development team’s dedication and hard work to ensure excellent performance and driving cost out of their system. All these advancements are the reason why Bolt can lower the prices of the Bolt launches.

The company is offering lower-priced vehicles as part of its campaign to lure people into adopting EVs. Ortega stated that they are aiming for customers for life as they offer them affordable options.

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