The first wind farm in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam by GE Renewable Energy

In the recent news, GE Renewable Energy announced that the company has a contract with Ocean Renewable Energy to supply fifteen 4 MW-137 wind turbines for installation in a wind farm in Lam Dong Province. The Cau Dat wind farm facility is the first such facility in the province. Other than supplying the wind turbines, other terms in the contract indicate a 10-year agreement in the maintenance and functionality of the wind farm. This wind farm will mark Vietnam’s strength to venture into renewables in different parts of the country.

What is the GE 4.0-137 wind turbine? It is a 4 MW power output turbine whose rotor diameter measures up to 137 meters. This wind turbine is the upgraded version of the GE 3 MW platform series. The two turbines have similar hardware, but the performance of the 4 MW is better, resulting in high energy production. These turbines come with a hub height of up to 111.5 meters and are perfect for exploiting the wind conditions in the area. The installation location’s choice is great since it is the Central Highland of the country in the mountainous range.

This joint venture marks the first partnership between GE Renewables and the Ocean Renewable Energy Joint Stock Company. However, it is no secret that the two companies have been working closely on wind farm layout, design, engineering, and transportation for a year. The development team hopes the wind farm construction ends by the third quarter of this year. From the look of things, the project has multiple benefits, including creating jobs in the construction, operations, maintenance, and support services and improving the province’s economy. With these facts, the general economy of the country will rise.

Gilan Sabatier, GE Renewable Energy’s onshore wind business regional leader in South Asia and ASEAN, commented on the partnership. He started by thanking Ocean Renewable Energy for the opportunity to take part in this historic project. The General Director of Ocean Renewable Energy, Mr. Do Van Binh, spoke about how the project will assist the Lam Dong province in the energy sector. It will give the province a chance to contribute to the ongoing renewable energy goal of Vietnam. Besides, it is a way of setting up a portfolio for other areas to venture into renewable energy projects soon.

GE Renewable Energy is a long-term partner that has been helping Vietnam in the energy transition process. Over the last few years, there is an increase in demand for renewable energy, and this wind project will help Vietnam provide more renewable energy. With this project, GE can provide technological support for various power generation projects. Currently, GE has over 1,600 employees in Vietnam.

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