Impressive data of SAIC’s electric car sales going for $4500 in China

There is an electric car available in the SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile dealer showroom in Chongqing. It is none other than the Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV, which entered the electric vehicle market last year in July. Ever since then, many Chinese have decided to test its experience by buying it. It is a car that accommodates up to four people. It is box-shaped, measuring less than 3 meters and 1.5 meters for length and width, respectively.

With as low as 28,000 yuan, equivalent to $4460, you can take an electric vehicle home. However, one model stands out given that it also has air conditioning that goes for $5,000. According to a salesman, there is also an option of making a down payment of 13,000 yuan then pay the rest later without incurring any extra cost in the form of interest.

If one compares it with Tesla in terms of performance and range, it will emerge the loser. Despite that, it is one of the best-selling electric vehicles in China. It is also doing very well among the combination of all clean energy cars hybrids included. That’s the case since it comes at a pocket-friendly price, not forgetting its users’ convenience. Its success is also something that SAIC Motor, a renowned automaker in China, has a reason to celebrate, no doubt. After all, it is the majority shareholder of SAIC-GM-Wuling responsible for the Wuling EV’s production and sales. It is also important to note that General Motors is also part of this venture.

The majority of the average consumers can comfortably rely on it entirely for their daily driving needs. Upon charging it fully, its driving range is 120 km, and the speed can go as high as 100 kph. That corresponds with what markets often call the commuting tool of the people. If a need arises, it is possible to charge it using a standard public charging station hence convenient to own and will avoid getting stranded in case the charge dries. The manufacturer didn’t settle for the cutting-edge battery, thus available at a low price.

From July to the end of 2020, the car had registered annual sales of 112,000 units making it only second to Tesla’s Model 3. However, going by monthly sales, it took the lead, and even Tesla’s EV followed. As far as the best-selling electric vehicle models are concerned, it is also number two after Tesla Model 2 globally.  LMC Automotive research firm analyst Alan Kang says it owes high sales to its design and low cost. He also added that relatively high sales were recorded in provinces such as Shandong and Henan.

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