Upstream SaaS ERP of W Energy Applications Selected for Management of Renewable Energy Royalties as well as Multimillion Acre Portfolio

W Energy SaaS ERP is the leading cloud-based energy logistics as well as transaction management software solution. In their recent announcements, it looks like the software just received another amazing deal. It will be in charge of the land and accounts of a different mix of royalty streams which spans renewable energy from its looks. In 2021, February 10th, the new boss in upstream and midstream oil and gas SaaS ERP solutions of W Energy Software went into the public about an exciting announcement. From the new leader’s statement, it is clear that W Energy has hit a new and awarding deal.

The statement highlighted that a broad royalty owner has confirmed up software licenses with the company. This fact means that the software solutions company will deal with its financial accounts and the land’s general management. What is exciting about this news piece is that W Energy won the bid after multiple lands and accounting software providers underwent a head-to-head evaluation to determine their legitimacy. W Energy is in charge of managing its multi-million-acre lease holdings and the revenue from these leases. The finances run from the surface to the mineral royalty streams.

Analysts explain that the top reason why W Energy Software was given a shot was its ability to manage the land and finances in a unique and exemplary way. It works with an integrated ERP solution that manages the accounts and the land simultaneously. Another reason why the deal went to W energy is its scalability features that meet the enterprise-level complexity. In addition to that, W Energy Software SaaS has a grand portfolio of the company’s cases for different clients. All these features go beyond what any legacy software vendor can offer, especially when dealing with a huge contract.

The client behind this W Energy Software contract has extensive lease holdings that revolve around millions of minerals and many surface areas in various states. This new client hopes that the W Energy enterprise-level ERP technology can work on their lands’ accounting and management. The management plan also involves different operations, including exploration, renewable power development, mining, and oil & gas exploration. With this software, the company can save on time and cost of integrating different systems to manage their management.

Following all the client’s requirements, the recruitment team settled for W Energy after the company exceeded its expectations. It is outstanding in financial accounting, land management, and fixed asset accounting. In their statement, Pete Waldroop, CEO of W Energy, thanked their clients for joining their team. In addition to that, Pete spoke about its dream to strive for excellence in its performance.

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